Mission & Vision

making true life attainable

Family Values

We see a place where people want to be. People of all ages; people from all walks of life, coming together to worship, and to hear from the Lord. It’s a place where people are made aware of their royal birthright. They will be caused to take their place as sons and daughters, princes and princesses in the family and kingdom of God. We see a place where all generations are invested in. Our Children will be seen as the treasures that they truly are. They will be taught the importance of loving one another, laughing together and dancing innocently before the Lord. We see a place where the teenagers are unashamed to share the gospel; unashamed to honor their parents and are unashamed to spend time with their families. We see a place where Parents are taught to be Godly parents who are becoming responsible for raising a generation of Biblically informed, culturally relevant and God honoring children who are taking their place in the Biblical heritage of God’s kingdom. We see a place where Grandparents are honored for the lives they have lived and the wisdom they possess. It is a place where the generations are integrated for the benefit of all. We see a place that seeks to find pathways of release to the individual giftedness of the people of God. It encourages and nurtures those gifts for the benefit of His Kingdom. It is a place that is calling out the artisans to be fulfilled in their gifts in the house of the Lord (Ex. 36:1).

We See a Place That...

Is unapologetic about using technological advancements to enhance its ability to draw people to the Throne of Grace. It is a place that seeks to understand new and creative ways of presenting the Gospel.
Helps the hurting and needy.
Gives aid to the homeless and stretches its arm to the single parent.
Promotes health to its staff and then gives health to its community.
Has an open door in the face of tragedy, and rejoices in the face of victory.
Is committed to understanding and teaching the unchanging Word of God.
Is committed to seeking the Lord in unrelenting prayer.
Experiences worship and sends worshippers around the community, states, and world with a new song.
Inspires people to "go into all the world and preach the gospel to everyone" (Mark 16:15).

Experiences worship with all of the senses:
Taste and see that the Lord is good
Spirit, touch your Church
May the fragrance of our worship be pleasing to You, Oh Lord
That we might hear of His goodness
Singing new songs unto the Lord

Cherishes and values the freedom from which Christ died to set us free.
Where the move of the Holy Spirit is fully embraced and celebrated.
Is an active force in the hands of the Lord for the furtherance of His Kingdom to Southern Utah and the rest of the World

Church should be an EXPERIENCE 

Experience - a particular instance of personally encountering or undergoing something

True Life Center values and strives for these things:
Uncompromised Word of God
Unprecedented Worship
Unrelenting Prayer
Unapologetic Discipleship
Unrestricted Missions
Undivided Generational Integration
Uncommon Cultural Relevance
Unbound Release of Gifts

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